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Dice Dreams

About Dice Dreams

In this part of the article, you will see information for the dice dreams game to help you while playing. Details such as different events of the dice dream, Offers of the download dice dreams, and many exciting things let’s go ahead and see. If you’re looking for Free dice dreams rolls, go ahead and visit this link.

The dice dream game gives you many opportunities to win more one of them is to send your invitation link to your friends each friend that joins you gets a heart go on collecting till you reach the gift box and win the prize.

How to trade your stickers with your friends

As you get cards from the chest, they get collected in that particular set, OK. In the chats section hi can request cards that you don’t have and share your card with others. Just send a picture is the sticker you don’t have. Trade duplicate stickers and win great rewards; also, Make new friends.

Dice dream stickers pack information

Collect stickers by opening packs in the rewards; there are three different packs.

  • Common Pack: For 14,000 dice, dream coins give you X2 cards and a chance to get three crowns on top of the card.
  • Dream Pack: The dream pack appears significantly less time during the game. You get X8 cards and a massive chance of getting five crowns for 55,000 coins.
  • Golden Pack: Golden Pack gives you X4 cards and a very high chance of getting four crowns for 30,000 coins.

How to open stickers pack in dice dream

The crowns that you get on each card indicate the sticker’s rarity. Complete stickers set to earn massive rewards. Each new sticker adds a crown to your total crown. The bigger pack has a better chance for rare stickers.

Collect Daily Dice Dreams Free Coins

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  1. Get them in the store 
  2. Get one for each kingdom restored.
  3. During the events.

Special Offers of dice dream

  • Ice pack special offer

The ice pack you get is here; grab it by paying ₹320 and get 100 dice dream free spins, ten energies for swimming, and 90K dice dream coins offer ends in 21 hours. Plus, a blast surprise in that chest you see as you take this pack get 20-200 spins, 60k coins also 5-50 energies.

  • Dice Dream Underwater Sea offer

Get a better deal with every purchase of this offer and many offers within it like the 42K coins for free collect it, and many other offers get unlocked; come to this page after some additional time and collect it. Some suggestions will have to be paid as the 75k coins offer within 15 mins. To enjoy this offer, you get only two days, 2 hours, and 15 minutes.

You can also collect dice dreams unlimited rolls

  • Dice dream first-timer pack ever achieved

First timer pack offer of Dice Dream brings you 250 dice and 420K coins wow it is also giving a discount offer first it was 1850/- and now you’re getting it only for rupees 320/- isn’t it a good idea to buy, I took it and enjoyed 435% more fun as it said. But also remember this offer ends in 12 hours only, so hurry up!

Best events of a dice dream game to get free rolls.

  • Underwater trail event 

The underwater trail goes on like this; you get a chance to play in an accessible model, in a medium mode, and in a complicated manner, that means. If you are playing easily, few dice and few coins, but if you are playing in a medium way, the rewards get increased a bit like you get dice plus coin plus a regular card but only if your bet is X1.5 And if you bet X3 and play in a hard mode you get a dice, a golden card and also coins. All your rewards will be multiplied by X3. It guarantees you get your missing gold card.

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How to collect dice dream fins

Also, get dice dream swimming fins to play a one-on-one match underwater. So select, and let’s go with the green button and win big. This event is valid only two days after it appears on the dice dream game. As you collect underwater fins (the blue color swimming leg wings), that means you have got that many dice dream spins to play in the underwater spin wheel.

While playing for this part of the game, you get a chance to steal, a chance to fight one-on-one, and get free rolls. Each phase of the above-listed rewards gets you a certain number of fins like; with the stealing option, you get one fin, with on one fight, get one fin, and with the free rolls, get two fins.

  • Collect Chest

During these spins, you have to collect ten different chests with a fantastic prize. Increase your bets and win big. The first chest gives 120K dice dream coins and five fins to swim underwater, and the game goes in like this. Sometimes you get a Mega move which means you can pass many ways while running.

If you land on the three-dice dancing ring while jumping from one place to another, you get it. The second chest in this run gives 30 dice and 85k coins. From the double wardrobe to the third, you have to take approximately 40 more steps, and you win 180k coins + 15 swimming fins. Last but not least, the grand prize that is waiting for you with 340 dice, 5k coins, and a new card. If your dice are over and you want to keep the game, continue the pay 170/- and hey more than 25 chances to win.

  • Nauicial mission

Dice Dream Nauicial mission gets amazing prizes. Collect Trishul’s and win big prizes like 20,000 dice dream rolls. But for that, you have to hit one symbol of Trishul and get 2, beat two characters and get 3, hit three symbols, and get 5 Trishul’s. Bet x2 – x 25; bet higher to win more.

Daily dice dream rewards

Here are some of the rewards you get for free. Click the claim button and make it yours. Prizes such as X3 steal cards, which means you get X3 multiples of what you steal, and 42K coins also waiting for you.

Claiming piggybank surprise rolls

Piggybank plays an essential role in the dice dream game it will go on collecting some of your dice and gather them in its big stomach. There is a constantly popping hammer that tells you to break the piggy bank and take all the dice, but here comes the twist the piggy tries to act smart he has out a label saying if you want to break the bank, pay 340/-, or it will go on stealing dice from our savings regularly.

How to build your village in dice dreams

Every village has to be upgraded five times, then only it gets passed on to the other town. Each object of the particular town has to be paid (coins) differently.

Dice dream cards collections

Various cards that you get to see are like LVL 2. To go to the next level, you have to collect 145 crowns. LVL. Attacking card next level after 100 peaks and there are many more cards that open up accordingly.

  • Coins cards: The coins received on level 2 are 12.5K coins; next level 3 gets 15k coins.
  • Attack card: Draw these cards to attack your friends. Dice Dream bonus gets you x1.2, and if level 3 gives you X1.2. Reach 100 crowns t level up your rewards.
  • Steal card: After opening the stolen card, you are free to rob treasures from the other village. The bonus you get on level 2 is x1.1, and level 3 gives you x1.15 to level up your rewards to reach 200 coins.
  • Rolls: Draw roll cards to win dice dream rolls. The amount of registrations received is in level 1 gets ten rolls, and level 2 gets you 11 rolls to level up to collect 800 crowns.
  • Fights: Fight cards give the other player an open fighting chance for loot and glory rewards you get on level 1 in X1 and in level 2 X1.1. To level up your game, collect X1.1.