Dice Dreams

How to get Dice Dream Free Rolls

How to get Dice Dream Free Rolls

Are you getting bored enough of playing simple casino board games play dice dreams free rolls now?

If you want to play a fun casual game then you should opt for the option of a Dice Dreams introduced by the renowned company, Superplay.

Dice Dream is a free-to-play game with a total of 28 million downloads. It was recently recorded by 1.2 million population who set a ranking of 4.72 out of 5.

As per the title of the game primarily interpreted version of Coin Master, the heavily marketed and exceptionally renowned game of Moonrise. Well, Dice Dream traded the slot machine for dice but its basic strategy would be the same.

In Superplay, the player has to work with dice instead to earn coins and build glamorous castles.

Basic Info About Dice Dream

Dice Dream is a competitive and addictive online game very similar to Coin Master. This time instead of a classic slot machine the player experiences rolling dice to determine the actions taken against the enemies.

Playing Dice Dream couldn’t be a matter of joke. All you need to do is simply tap on the screen to roll 3 Dice. Depending on the numbers you get, you will be able to get money attack your enemies, or steal or ransack their cities. Even you will get the offerings like upgrading your fortress and even storing more treasures.

How to get Dice Dream free rolls?

The easiest way to get Dice Dream free rolls are:

  • Step 1: Install the Dice Dream game from the Google Play store on the device and open the game.
  • Step 2: Connected to any social media account mainly Facebook.
  • Step 3: Direct to the post of the Dice Dream free rolls on the official social media page of the game.
  • Step 4: Once you are on the post, check for the latest links or promo codes.
  • Step 5: Click on the collect option which will take you to the Dice Dream game where you will reimburse the rewards.

How to get more Dice Dream Free Rolls?

Guidelines to the Dice Dream free rolls allow you to exceed the level, apart from Dice Dream daily links, there are several other ways to get free rolls. Let’s go through the points one by one:

  1. Daily Gifts:  Dice Dream developers share various bonus links for their existing fans daily on their social media accounts. This page contains the latest links and numerous freebies.
  2. Invite Friends:  Dice Dream retains an invite option. You can easily welcome your friends through a unique referral code. If your friends join through your referral links in the perfect way then both parties are eligible to win free rolls of Dice Dream and much more.
  3. Hourly Rewards:  Dice Dream offers 5 free rolls every hour, but you can earn up to 50 Dice Dream free rolls in a day. It is highly recommended to wait until the end of all rolls and then resume playing.
  4. Linking your account with Facebook:  To get the extra benefit of Dice Dream gameplay it is important to link your account with the official social media handler. Those links are the key to getting free rolls of Dice Dream and automatically every day another free reward too.
  5. Complete your Kingdom: It is possible to get Dice Dream-free rolls by accomplishing the renovation, and innovation that ends up with decoration and in building the Kingdom. For such completion, lots of free coins probability are assured through free rolls.
  6. Events:  The best option to get Dice Dream free rolls is to participate and complete the short task enlisted in the event. This win-win consequence culminates with Dice Dream free spins, coins, boosters, cards set as a reward, and many more goodies.
  7. Completing Card sets:  Cards are the form of reward one can get by Rolling Dice of Dice Dream. This card set fulfills the option of album making which ensures enough free rolls and coins.
  8. Tournaments: Tournaments are the most interesting part of Dice Dream. It ensures the collection of points through gameplay that enhances the rank for higher rewards.
  9. Store Promotion: Dice Dream offers various rewards for free to encourage purchases. The initial stage promotion is always set free but in-purchases start from 2nd stage.

Why do you get Dice Dream error code 212?

Whenever you encounter Dice Dream error code 212 you will get an error message saying “Something Went Wrong: 212”. It typically appears when the player tries to log in to their account through another account to play the game. However, the developers remain silent about the error and till now no clarification or confirmation has still proclaimed. The error reasons are:

  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Using the updated Dice Dream App version.
  • Game Cache.
  • Other technical issues.

How to fix the error?

So whatever would be the reason behind, it is essential to look into the matter to get an approximate solution. Here are some possible solutions to fix the problem:

Usage of updated version: the best effort to check whether you are using the current version of the game or not. To get the latest version simply roll down the following instructions:

  • Step 1: For Android users open “Google Play” and for iOS “ App Store” from your phone.
  • Step 2: In the search bar type Dice Dream.
  • Step 3: You will see an update button (if an update is available).
  • Step 4: Click the option to download and later install the current version.

Check internet connection: Poor and unstable internet connection might be the reason for getting error 212. If the player is using Wi-Fi then he/she goes for switching to a mobile network or vice versa. You even can reset your modem by simply tapping on airplane mode and then turning it off which acts as a refresh button on the computer.

Clear Game Cache:  To Clear the Cache, go to the settings option of the mobile and search for Dice Dream. Scroll to the storage option and click on “Clear Cache” to clear the Cache data.

Contact Superplay: This would be the last resort for all the players if the above-mentioned solutions fail to fix your error. Simply contact Dice Dream support for further assistance.

Final words

Hope the given guidelines can resolve your queries and doubts. The several ways to enroll in Dice Dream free rolls give merit to sustain and upgrade in the gameplay. So take the time to explore your place and continually build fun loving kingdom of your dreamland.