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About Pet Master Game

This article is all about pet master gameplay after 8. Pet master free spins and coins link is a massive game, and many events with reward-gaining methods and exciting moves are left to be played ahead. When you get back to the game, the game welcomes you with rewards like I got 3M and 20 spins. The pet master app starts updating you on all the actions that happened when you were not actively playing in the game.

  • The gifts section has also given you reward cards or return tips if you want.
  • Village news a time the of your absence, name of those people who try to attack you or steal your treasure. Suppose they have failed to attack you.
  • You can send an invitation link to your friends and get 90 spins in rewards if you need more spins.
  • The best part is if you are not successful in finishing the event, then too pet master pays you some rewards, such as I got 500k on not completing one of the events.

The newly built offer that comes up after level 8

  • Winter luxury pack

The Winter luxurious pack gets you 2900 spins, 96M coins, and an owl chest for 1400 rupees. Your buying period will be within six to seven hours.

  • Spinning on forestry path

To go on spinning on the forestry path of a pet master. The players are given a few best rewards, some for free, and some are paid the first one is free tap and get 30 spins, the second is for 140 rupees 75 Spins, and 29M pet master coins if you would like to buy free too, if not what for the free rewards ahead. After 1 finish, only the second gets unlocked.

Out Of Spins No Problem We Got You Covered Visit Pet Master Free Spin Links

  • Pick one choose your favorite pet master free spins links offers
  • For 500 rupees: – 29M Coins, 12 dice to roll, and a chest.
  • For 700 rupees: – 77M Coins, 14 dice, A pink box & A chest.
  • For 990 rupees- 116M Coins, 19 dice, A white suitcase & A chest.

Buy this offer within two to three hours.

  • Snow days dice pack

Snowy days are going on in the pet master, so the snow days dice have come up with an offer for 700 rupees you get 525 spins and 25 dice, but as this offer appears on the screen, Timer begins only 5 mins so buy soon.

  • Snow party 1+1

Snow party buys one get one offer brings 550 rupees, and you will be getting 300 spins, 26M pet master coins, and one mystery box. You also get a free package of three hundred spins, 26m coins, and one mystery box, so let’s keep going one on one parcel. But you can use this offer within 4:8:39 minutes only.

  • Winter dice path

Winter dice clear our path towards the best choices of the offer. Just make up your mind to take one. Winter dice path gives us only 10:52:22 hours to buy and enjoy the offers. Offer areas such As 350/- 10 dice and a lion chest. Next, one of our free ones gets an owl chest and a lion chest.

For free 35 M coins 5 dice 550/- you get 52m coins and 12 dice.

  • Let it spin pack

If you are out of spins or need more, you have a great option that comes up let’s it Spin pack brings you an offer of getting 300 spins at one time for 350 rupees offer ends in 5 seconds make your choice fast.

  • Extreme snow deals

Extreme snow deal brings you many free rewards you have to claim it offers as follows. Free 30 spins, Free 8.7 M coins plus an owl chest, The owl chest opens up with 4 cards kayak with 3 stars, Bob, the beaver with 4 stars, nature mode with 2 stars, and Banana bomb with 3 stars. You get leads according to your game performance for free pet master spins.

Free 13M coins plus a lion chest with 8 cards, and they are silver cut 4 stars, watchtower with 3 stars, power beaver with 2 stars, Auto Peaker 2 stars, All packed 2 stars, toolbox card 5 stars, nature board 2 stars, chimp Guevara 4 stars.

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  • Endless dice path

This fantastic offer will be given to you for only 21:57:35 hours from when it appears on your page. The request you get will be Free 3 pet master dice, Free 30M pet master coins, Free 78M coins, 350/- 10 dice, and many more.

Pet master rewards collection of tournaments

  • Wintry rush

It could all be in pet master. That’s why everything is wintry. Collect 6 gloves to do the opening of the tournament. The tournament will be around for 3:23 minutes. You see several players with their names and gloves collected as it opens.

These hand gloves will be collected firstly when you get a chance to attack get 5 gloves, and Secondly, if that person blocks you from diving, then you get 2 gloves; thirdly, when you get to raid, get 3 hand gloves, and fourthly of that raid is successful means you earn good that means you get 8 hand gloves. If you would like to get more rewards, increase your multiples. The total prize amount is between 200k – 15k coins and 5M – 30 M coins and X6 cards.

  • Best winter catch

The best reward for gaining chances is being pooped up don’t leave, one of those is the new winter catch that name itself is a warning bus don’t leave keep od catching the best. The grand prize is 70,000 spins, and the limitation is 83:22:3. You have to collect silver buckets on the spins wheel for this tournament.

  • If you get 1 symbol 1 bucket.
  • If you get 2 characters 3 buckets
  • If you get 3 characters, 15 buckets

All the other events to win big, play big. Free spins for pet master and challenges according to the rounds.

  1. Round 1: It goes like this – To get 50 spins collect 15 silver buckets.
  2. Round 2: Comes up with collecting 8 buckets and getting 5M coins also, and an owl chest will give you 4 cards banana boom, Power beaver, nature mode, and watchtower.
  3. Round 3: Gets you 2 chances in one combo pack, like collect 45 buckets and get 6M coins, and a chest gives you 90 spins X2 coins that are kayak and watchtower.
  4. Round 4: Gets you 7.5M coins in collecting 25 buckets.
  5. Round 5: Collect 80 buckets to get 200 spins.
  6. Round 6: Comes up with collecting 35 buckets and getting 8M coins.
  7. Round 7: Collect 90 buckets to get 30 spins on half the count and 3 dice when containing all the 90 buckets.
  8. Round 8: Collect 160 buckets and get 12M coins on half of the way and 300+60 spins.
  9. Round 9: Gets us a lion chest but you have to collect 6 buckets, and you get an excellent set of 8 different cards in the chest like: –
  • Watchtower card with 3 stars
  • All packed cards with 2 stars
  • Banana bomb card with 3 stars
  • Politburo card with 3 stars
  • Room for one card with 2 stars
  • Banana launcher card with 2 stars
  • Hairy product with 3 stars
  • Gossip poodle card with 5 stars.
  • Chilly chest fest

Pet master chilly chest fest tournament this is the diamond edition. Get a significant opportunity to win 100,000 spins. You have to keep rolling for a chance to win mega rewards. But you have to keep playing for 13:21:44, or you will miss it.

  • Bet boost

If you are willing to earn big, then bet giant. The maximum bet is X250. The benefits of this are the bigger bet you put in, the more you earn rewards, and the faster you can complete your villages.

  • Champ champ tournament

Champ tournament makes you a champion by involving you in the game. To open up this tournament challenge, collect 6 flags. The time for the match to end is 7:56:45 hours. But yes, one fact will not change bet high to win high.

How will you get these flags?

  1. If you get a chance to attack, you get 2 flags.
  2. When you raid and the other persons block you with the shield in this situation, you get 3 flags.
  3. A raid gives you 4 flags.
  4. If you raid successfully, your choice will be correct all the time, and you get 5 flags.

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  • Aztec rush

Aztec Rush is the diamond edition to win rewards of 100,000 spins. Keep on rolling for a chance to win the mega bonus, only within the given time of 21:53:14 hours.