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How to trade stickers in dice dreams?

trade sticker on dice dreams

Imagine yourself sitting with friends in the backyard on a bright afternoon, sharing stickers from your valuable collections. The pleasure of finding a rare sticker, the excitement of finishing a set, and the fun of trading with friends are all brought back to life in Dice Dreams. Similar to those treasured early years, collecting stickers in Dice Dreams is more than just a game; it’s an adventure full of amusement, memories, and the pure joy of sharing something unique with others. So, dust off your sticker album, grab your virtual friends, and commence a thrilling adventure through the land of Dice Dreams! 

What are Stickers in Dice Dream? 

Stickers in Dice Dreams provide a fun element of excitement and incentives to the action. These collectible goods are essential components for completing sticker sets, with each delivering attractive free rolls and other significant incentives. To get these rewards, players must collect sticker packs and complete sticker sets, immersing themselves in a world full of excitement and surprises. 

Dice Dreams’ sticker sets are carefully curated collections of theme-based stickers, each with its own charm and appeal. Completing a set involves more than just collecting stickers; it also unlocks a unique prize for those who collect all the stickers in the set. Furthermore, the uncommonness of the sticker set is directly related to the amount of incentives it offers, making the quest for rare stickers all the more intriguing. 

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With so many stickers set to discover, each containing nine unique stickers, the quest to collect them all is both fascinating and gratifying. The variety of sets guarantees that there is something for everyone, responding to the various preferences and likes of competitors. Whether you enjoy fantasy realms, cute creatures, or breathtaking landscapes, there is a sticker set waiting to be uncovered and finished. 

Stickers in Dice Dreams may be obtained through a variety of methods, including sticker packs and sticker trading. These packs come in a variety of sizes, from the basic Common pack with two stickers to the generous Dream pack with eight stickers. There’s also the tempting Guaranteed Set Sticker Pack, which includes four stickers designed particularly to help gamers finish sets more effectively. 

Sticker packs may be obtained through a variety of routes, including participating in events and Treasure Hunts, as well as purchasing them using cash earned during gaming. The wide range of options to obtain sticker packs guarantees that players can completely immerse themselves in the sticker-collecting experience, earning prizes and experiencing the excitement of completing sets. 

Stickers in Dice Dreams are more than merely ornamental items; they lead to a world of adventure and rewards. From collecting sticker packs to completing sticker sets, each stage in the trip has its unique joys, offering players infinite excitement and pleasure as they explore the dazzling Dice Dreams universe. 

How to Trade Stickers in Dice Dreams? 

Sticker trading in Dice Dreams is an engaging method for users to communicate and work with one another, and it frequently takes place across several platforms such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It’s a feature that lets users swap stickers from their collections to assist each other in completing sets and gaining rewards. 

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To send a sticker to a friend, open your Sticker Collection. You can perform this by touching the Sticker symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen. Once you’re in your collection of stickers, go to the set that includes the sticker you wish to swap. Simply choose the sticker you want to send and touch it. 

After touching the sticker, you’ll have the option to “Send” it. Clicking on this will display a list of your friends. Select the person who you wish to trade with from the list, then click “Send” next to their name. This begins with the trade, and your friend receives the sticker you provided them. 

It’s important to acknowledge that sticker trading has some limits. For example, players are only allowed to transmit a maximum of ten Common Stickers every day. Furthermore, Golden Stickers may only be traded on certain Golden Trading Days, whereas Super Stickers cannot be traded at all. 

Overall, sticker trading is a pleasant and gratifying feature of Dice Dreams that allows players to interact, communicate, and assist each other to advance in the game. So don’t hesitate to contact those in your circle and start trading stickers immediately! 

How can upgrading cards with crowns obtained from sticker collections enhance gameplay strategies in Dice Dreams? 

Upgrading cards with crowns earned via sticker collections is an important component of Dice Dreams’ gaming strategy. As players go through the game and collect stickers, they also earn crowns, which have a dual role in the game’s mechanics. These crowns not only help to boost a player’s Leaderboard score, highlighting their progress and achievements, but they also play an important part in card upgrades. 

Card upgrades unleash extraordinary actions and abilities that have a substantial influence on gameplay dynamics. For example, improving Attack and Steal cards enables players to launch more powerful and effective attacks on their opponents’ kingdoms, resulting in higher coin awards. By strategically improving these cards, players may increase their coin collection, accelerating their kingdom’s development and evolution. 

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Furthermore, upgrading other vital cards, such as the Coins card, can help a player increase their in-game wealth and resource acquisition. The Coins card increases the player’s gold reserves, giving them a solid foundation for numerous in-game activities and endeavors. With a stronger Coins card, players may achieve more financial stability and flexibility, allowing them to pursue their strategic goals more successfully. 

Overall, the interaction between sticker collecting, crown acquisition, and card improvements emphasizes the significance of strategic planning and resource management in Dice Dreams. By spending crowns on card upgrades, players may improve their strategic skills, optimize their gameplay plans, and gain more success and prosperity in the game. 

In conclusion, Dice Dreams delivers joy and connection into players’ lives. Its sticker collection aspect appeals to the nostalgia of childhood collecting and trading, encouraging friendships and good memories. The game’s mix of fun and social involvement provides players with both delight and significant relationships, making Dice Dreams a beloved aspect of their gaming experience.