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What is Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

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What is Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

Do you love playing Crazy Fox? 

Then you must know about all the awesome rewards that you can get in the world of Little Prince and his Fox. 

Crazy Fox is a brilliant game of luck where you get to build your dream kingdom by completing various fun tasks and taking part in challenges with your fellow players. 

What’s more, you can also raid other players’ kingdoms to gain extra treasures, steal the rewards they have to add to your store, and when they counter-attack, defend yourself against their attacks. 

Isn’t it a great way to spend your leisure?

What are the rewards in Crazy Fox?

Crazy Fox is not only full of a bright, animated interface with amazing characters to go along with you on your journey to build your dream kingdom. 

It is not only a game full of thrills and challenges, but it is also a game with an abundant reward system. 

In Crazy Fox, you can get hundreds of rewards by taking part in various events and challenges, as well as by attacking or raiding the kingdoms of your fellow players. 

All these rewards will help you buy new features for your kingdom and build it on a grand scale.

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What rewards can I get by playing Crazy Fox?

You can get lots of rewards by playing Crazy Fox. While some of these will help you level up in the game, others will bring you even more rewards. 

There are various kinds of rewards like spins, coins, cards, treasure chests, and many more. Coins will help you buy things within the game to build your kingdom on a grander scale. 

Spins will help you spin a machine to get even more rewards. Thus, earning rewards in Crazy Fox is one of the important ways to progress in the game.

What is Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

If you do not like waiting for your rewards, you do not have to lose heart. There is an amazing feature in Crazy Fox that will let you get endless rewards as soon as you avail it. 

This is the Crazy Pass. However, it is a premium feature, which means you have to purchase its benefits.

How to access Crazy Pass Crazy Fox?

If you want to avail the benefits of Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox, you have to first log into the game. 

Normally, when the Crazy Pass is available, a button will appear on the left of your screen. 

However, you should remember that Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox is only accessible to those who have reached level 80 or more in the game. When you have reached level 80 or more, you can avail of this feature.

How to activate Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

To activate Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox, log into the game first. Then click on the Crazy Fox button on the left of your screen. Then follow the instructions in the game to access the rewards.