Dice Dreams

How do you unlock the sticker book in dice dreams?

sticker book in dice dreams

I’m sure as young children we had something we could flaunt and having a collection was even more thrilling. Dice Dreams are a way in which we get to relive those sweet moments of our life that are now just a part of our memory. Let’s bring back that same old excitement with new methods of approach and an equally joyful habit of flaunting your personal collection. To spice things up a little more, wear that competitive cap and get ready to battle with friends all over the globe! 

What is Dice Dreams? 

Enter the fascinating world of Dice Dreams, where every roll of the dice has the potential for startling discoveries and limitless excitement. Enter a world full of thrilling adventures and friendship in this captivating game as players set out to solve the riddles surrounding dice dream-free rolls, find a variety of alluring rewards, and create their sticker collection inside the Dice Dream sticker book

With each roll of the dice, players discover new options and chances, such as earning wealth through dice dream-free rolls, claiming valuable awards, or building their sticker collection to show off their accomplishments and progress. As they explore the game’s fascinating environments and participate in strategic gameplay, players will create friendships with other explorers, swap stickers with friends, and enjoy the sense of success that comes with the accumulation of a formidable collection. 

From the exhilaration of rolling the dice to the satisfaction of completing sticker sets, Dice Dreams provides a diverse and satisfying gameplay experience that promises limitless amusement and excitement. So, gather your pals, roll the dice, and go on an incredible voyage full of excitement, exploration, and the whimsical world of Dice Dreams! 

What is the Dice Dreams Sticker Supremacy? 

Stickers bring a fun and acquiring element to the world of Dice Dreams, functioning as both prized possessions and valuable assets for players. These colorful and brilliant objects are frequently found in packs earned through various in-game events and special offers, making them an exciting reward for players who actively participate in the game’s activities.  

One of the most interesting parts of stickers is their traceability, which allows players to swap them with friends who have connected their game to Facebook. This function adds a social component to the game, enabling players to bond and engage with one another outside of the virtual realm.  

It’s vital to know that stickers come in a variety of styles, each with its distinct qualities and trade restrictions. The three primary sorts of stickers are Common, Gold, and Super-Sticker, each with their unique level of availability and value.  

Common stickers are the most widely accessible, and they may be obtained in sticker packs. They may be traded many times every day, up to a maximum of ten, giving gamers plenty of possibilities to swap and acquire them. Furthermore, popular stickers are frequently included in other in-game deals, allowing players to obtain them through a variety of methods.  

Gold stickers, on the other hand, are highly sought after due to their scarcity and incomparable gold frame. These stickers may only be traded during extremely rare Golden Trading Days, giving them an exclusive value. Players interested in getting gold stickers should keep a watch out for these limited-time trade events to supplement their sticker collections.  

Finally, Super-Stickers are the epitome of sticker rarity and originality. These unique stickers cannot be purchased or exchanged, making them extremely uncommon and much sought after among players. Super Stickers may only be earned by participating in in-game events or discovering a WILD Sticker, which adds excitement and difficulty to the quest for sticker supremacy.  

Furthermore, sticker trading promotes social engagement and fellowship among participants, enabling them to connect and engage with one another beyond their computer screens. Trading stickers with friends who have linked their game to Facebook allows players to develop their friendships and share the pleasure of their sticker collections. 

How to unlock the Sticker Book in Dice Dreams?  

Unlocking Sticker Albums and Packs in Dice Dreams is a milestone that players achieve if they reach level 10. Before reaching this level, any earned Sticker Packs are safely saved in the reward inbox, which is easily accessed via the trophy symbol on the top bar of the Home Lobby interface. Once players reach level 10, they can enter the Collections tab, which is accessible by clicking on the album symbol in the lower-left corner of the home lobby screen. 

Sticker Albums are an entertaining feature that allows players to work their way through numerous sets, each of which contains multiple unique stickers. These stickers may be acquired by participating in any of Dice Dreams’ modes of play. As players gather and complete sets, they will unlock fantastic prizes. However, the ultimate aim is to complete all sets inside an album, which unlocks the desirable “Grand Prize” – a highly valued and prestigious award. 

This progression mechanism adds depth and interest to the action, motivating players to explore other areas of the game while working to finish their sticker collections. 

Let’s use the Dice Modifier! 

In Dice Dreams, the Dice modifier acts as an enigmatic benefit that players might get early on. It permits you to double the value of your prizes by using 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, and many more! But here’s the catch: utilizing the modification means rolling additional dice every time. So, it’s not always a free pass to more perks. 

But don’t worry, there’s a clever way to make the most of it! When you want to win overall, we recommend driving up the modifier to its maximum setting. Why? Since going through each one individually might result in more losses than wins, even when winning prizes may occur often. However, with the modifier maxed up, you can score those jackpot payouts that make everything worthwhile. 

Especially when it comes to strikes and thefts, the modifier will help you win big! And here’s the greatest part: focus on getting those free rolls, which offer you even more opportunities to win big. So, go forth and turn up that modifier to 8x; your kingdom will be brimming with wealth in no time!