Dice Dreams

How many kingdoms in dice dreams?

kingdoms in dice dreams

Welcome to Dice Dreams’ mysterious realm, where each roll brings new adventures! In this interesting game, you’ll go on a journey filled with thrills, strategy, and endless possibilities. Build your empire, roll the dice to reveal treasures, and go on epic missions with funny people by your side. Dice Dreams’ simple gameplay and beautiful visuals will fascinate gamers of all ages. Prepare to roll, construct, and conquer – the adventure of a lifetime awaits in Dice Dreams! 

Why play Dice Dreams? 

Dice Dreams provides thrills and pleasures with gameplay that is both simple to comprehend and entertaining to play. You begin by rolling dice to establish and expand your empire, facing challenging circumstances and rewards along the way. Whether you’re attacking neighboring kingdoms, taking riches, or amassing wealth and rare cards, every action matters. 

What’s truly interesting is watching small Peons spring out of structures as you create your kingdom; it adds a unique and entertaining aspect to the game. Dice Dreams’ easy-to-mastered yet challenging engagement captures the attention of players of all skill levels. 

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In a word, Dice Dreams is about strategy, good fortune, and creativity. It’s like beginning an epic journey, with each roll of the dice revealing fresh surprises and chances. So, prepare to roll and create your ideal kingdom in the exhilarating world of Dice Dreams! 

How to build a kingdom in Dice Dreams? 

Here’s how to create your fantasy kingdom in Dice Dreams: 

  • Tap the Hammer Icon: Locate the hammer icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click it. Select it to pop up the Kingdom screen, where all the magic happens. 
  • Build or Upgrade Buildings: For the growth of your kingdom, it is necessary to construct or enhance six distinct buildings. Each structure includes five upgrade levels, for a total of thirty levels to finish one kingdom level. To begin constructing or upgrading, you just need to press the building’s coin button.
    After completing the first floor of a structure, a peon appears and presents you with a modest gift. In addition, you will receive a dazzling Crown to add to your possessions!
    Reaching the fifth level of construction unlocks further prizes. These might be bonus rolls or coins that help you progress. 
  • Finish All Building: In Dice Dreams, you must finish building each of the six structures to establish your kingdom. Once completed, you are ready to advance to the next level of your kingdom and resume your epic quest. 

With these three steps, you’ll be successfully on your way to creating a kingdom suitable for royalty in Dice Dreams’ intriguing universe!  

How many Kingdoms are there in Dice Dreams? 

In Dice Dreams, there are a whopping total of 207 kingdoms to build, with the lively Groovy Garden Kingdom serving as the last one. Each kingdom requires a certain number of coins to develop, and once completed, you receive free spins and other benefits as a reward, which keeps you encouraged to keep expanding. 

To start building a kingdom, touch the hammer icon to bring up the Kingdom screen. Next, you construct or enhance six distinct building constructions, each having five tiers of improvement. A single kingdom level requires the completion of thirty building levels. Every time you complete a construction level, you receive rewards like funds, rolls, and even crowns, indicating your progress. 

Once all six structures have been completed, you can go to the next kingdom level. Establishing and renovating these facilities is critical since it allows you to repair the peon kingdoms, earn gold coins, and progress in the game. There are ways to speed up the process, such as increasing your roll chances, leveling up your cards, defending your kingdom, obtaining bonuses, and completing all the structures in one shot. 

Building kingdoms is essential for moving forward in Dice Dreams. It’s all about finishing stages and reuniting kingdoms to get free rolls, gold, and other interesting goodies, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for gamers! 

  • Strategize to build a Kingdom faster : Are you having problems rebuilding your kingdom in Dice Dreams due to limited resources and the PvP system? You are not alone. The primary issue that newcomers and veterans encounter in this game, but if you have played for a while, you’re already aware that there’s a quick fix to ensure you’re not falling behind in terms of progress. Being able to restore your kingdom faster ensures that your empire could grow in this game.
  • Get More Roll Chances! : Completing stage missions might increase roll chances throughout the game. As players move through the stages and challenges of these tasks, they are frequently rewarded with extra rolls. Unlocking new structures in Dice Dreams provides extra roll opportunities. Each additional building provides more chances for players to roll the dice and maybe win important rewards. Rolling the Free Rolls effect on the dice might increase roll chances. This feature provides players with more rolls, allowing them to continue playing while boosting their chances of collecting gold coins and other incentives. Players may gain more roll opportunities by watching commercials in the game. Watching advertisements gives players more opportunity to roll the dice and receive rewards, making it an easy way to enhance roll chances.
  • Increase Your Card Levels : Card effects like Steal and Attack are essential for obtaining gold coins in Dice Dreams. When used effectively during gaming, these effects provide players access to priceless resources. Players can boost their card levels by upgrading structures as soon as feasible. Each upgrade increases the modifier on card effects, resulting in more profits for each successful roll.
  • Defend Your Kingdom : To protect their kingdom from attacks, players should gather Shield Effects. These effects prohibit hostile players from invading their kingdom, securing their resources and advancement.
  • Claim Bonuses : Dice Dreams provides numerous incentives, such as daily gifts, event awards, and advancement bonuses. These incentives provide players with free coins for completing specified activities or checking into the game frequently. Collect all available bonuses to maximize benefits and speed up progress. Logging in regularly and completing tasks might help gamers collect these benefits more effectively.
  • Do it in One Go! : Attain All Building Improvements at Once: Players may attempt to accomplish all building improvements simultaneously to expedite the reconstruction of their kingdom. By accumulating dice chances and upgrading all structures in a single session, players reduce the possibility of losing cash to enemy assaults while offline.

To avoid huge currency losses, players should use most of their resources before logging off. This guarantees that they begin each new day with a sufficient number of resources and proceed smoothly through the game.