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Coin Master Castle of Fortune – Tips and Guide

Coin Master Castle of Fortune

What makes Coin Master one of the most popular games on the internet? Of course, it’s an element of thrilling twists and turns, and the chance the player gets to earn plenty of rewards to level up and progress through the leaderboard. 

In Coin Master, you get to build your dream game village by participating in various fun events challenging your friends, attacking and stealing their prized treasures, and earning shields to protect your village.

Among the plethora of fun events and challenges in coin master, the Castle of Fortune is an exciting quest-like mission. 

In it, you will find yourself on an island trail where there will be one step after another with chances to earn rewards

However, whether you will get the reward or not will entirely depend upon your own luck, as all of these steps will contain a trap, which can also make you quit your game and lose all rewards previously earned on that trail. 

So how does this event work and what are some tips and tricks to ensure higher chances of success in the exciting Castle of Fortune event in Coin Master? 

You can find out the answer to all of these questions in this article, so keep reading to find out more.

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How to get Castle of Fortune in Coin Master?

There are a few ways in which you can get to play the Castle of Fortune event in Coin Master. These are –

  •   You can play the Tower of Wanders event
  •   You can buy the Castle of Fortune event in the Merchant Madness event
  •   You can also play the Dragon Challenge to get the event

How to win the Castle of Fortune?

In the Castle of Fortune event, every step will contain four barrels, of which three will have rewards and one will have a dragon. 

You will not know which contains which before choosing a particular barrel. However, after you have chosen it, if it is revealed that the barrel you have chosen has a dragon, you will have to quit the game. 

If you have enough gems in your store, on the other hand, you can use these gems to continue playing the Castle of Fortune. 

So it is always good for you in the event you have made sure you have enough gems in your store before starting on your trail. 

There are various ways to earn gems in Coin Master, for the developers of the game have made sure to place plenty of opportunities for players to earn various rewards like coins, free spins, cards, free energy, and gems. 

One of the ways in which you can earn gems in Coin Master is through seasonal chests. You could also try some random hacks to see whether you can avoid the barrel with the dragon –

  •   Choose the barrel opposite to that with the dragon or the one before it.
  •   Always choose the same barrel.
  •   Trust your intuition and choose at random.