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How to Use Energy Boost Perk in Match Masters

Energy Boost Perk in Match Masters

If you love matching colors, you must have played Match Masters, since it is one of the most popular games of matching puzzles worldwide. It is a brilliant mobile game that allows players across the world to interact on the same puzzle boards where players have to match the same colors of pieces to get rewards and move ahead through increasing levels.

But did you know that apart from rewards, the game also provides you with several perks to upscale your gaming experience? Using these perks, players can achieve many different results with different benefits enjoyed while they make their moves on the board.

There are both free perks and premium perks offered by Match Masters, the latter requiring purchase by players. In this blog, we will learn which are the free and premium perks in Match Masters, the most significant being the energy boost perk that helps provide extra energy for you to keep enjoying your game.

What are the free perks in Match Masters?

There are two types of free perks in Match Masters. One is the hammer and the other is the shuffle. While the hammer helps you to remove any piece you choose from the board, the shuffle perk shuffles the entire board when you feel there are no more such arrangements on it to help you match pieces.

What are the premium perks in Match Masters?

Other than free perks, you may also have premium perks in Match Masters, which you can purchase to level up your game. These include:

  •   Detonator: This detonates all special pieces on the board.
  •   Mini Mastermind: This allows you to make three possible moves to see what happens before making the actual move.
  •   Mini Wand: This removes all pieces of a random color from the board.
  •   Mini Cobra: This duplicates a column according to your choice on the board.
  •   Mini Cleo: This will make multiple duplicates of a piece of your choice on the board.
  •   Energy Boost: This is a perk that gives you the energy you need without losing a move.
  •   Star Maker: This will add multiple stars for you on the board so that you can gain more energy.
  •   Lighting Maker: This allows you to add two lighting pieces on the board.
  •   Checkerboard: This will make a checkerboard for two random colors.

What does the energy boost perk in Match Masters do?

As you can see already, the energy boost perk on Match Masters is a premium perk, meaning that it will have to be purchased by you, not given for free in the game. However, purchasing it may be highly useful for you. Why? Because, as you have already seen in the previous section, it will help you gain more energy without losing a move. When you match certain blue pieces on the board in Match Masters, you usually gain more energy. But when you use the energy boost perk, you can gain energy when you match any color of pieces.

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