Family Island

Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection Albums

Family Island Seasonal Cards

If you have played Family Island, you must know the amazing virtual experience of living on an island in the modern Stone Age. 

Growing crops, crafting fascinating tools, getting plentiful harvests, and trading your Stone Age goods with other characters in a virtual natural world devoid of modern science and technology is indeed a fresh and thrilling experience in the world of online gaming. 

With all of these enthralling experiences, Family Island also makes sure that you can create and store the memories of your island life and look back on them from time to time while playing the game itself.

The Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection feature of housing your modern Stone Age memories while playing the game. 

Each card you collect to complete various seasonal card sets has something or the other related to your island life as an image printed on it. 

Not only that, these card sets also provide you various rewards on completion, that will help you progress through the game faster. 

Are you ready to find out all about this exciting new feature of Family Island? 

Keep reading to learn everything about seasonal card collections, including how to complete them and what rewards you can unlock with them.

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How to complete seasonal card collection albums on Family Island?

It is very simple to complete your seasonal card collection albums on Family Island. 

After you have reached level 8 in the game, you will be allowed to begin collecting seasonal cards for your albums. 

Each card set will contain 8 cards that you need to collect in order to complete that set. Each album will again contain several card sets. 

So how can you collect cards in Family Island to complete your seasonal card collection albums?

  •   You can participate in adventure islands to collect specific cards.
  •   You can complete various challenges in the game to earn cards as rewards.
  •   You can take part in several competitions held within the game to collect cards by winning them.
  •   You can also complete your seasonal cards collection albums by purchasing promotional packs offered by the game in paid features.

What rewards can I get by completing Family Island Cards Collection Albums?

Your seasonal card collection albums on Family Island are not only the keepers of your memories of life in the modern Stone Age island, but they are also instrumental in unlocking several exciting rewards to boost up your progress in the game. 

Completing specific card sets on Family Island will give you complimentary rewards. These include gems and free energy, both of which are needed to keep playing the game and decorate your island with customized features for decoration. 

You can earn from 500 up till 25,000 worth of energy to carry on your game without interruption. 

You can also unlock a grand prize containing a huge amount of energy and gems. 

Seasonal Cards Collections Albums thus help you win big while at the same time creating memories of your island life.