Junes Journey

Junes Journey

Junes Journey

About Junes Journey Game

Junes journey plays with hidden objects online. You can play for free without paying anything. You can enjoy thrilling mysteries and full of adventures mystery in Junes journey. Hidden objects are everywhere; open your eyes and show the hidden things.

An exciting level is June’s journey.

Each level has one hidden object, and you have to play again to open the clue. There are around five levels and also an adventurous scene. One chapter has many different levels. If you want to level up your game power, you have to collect some flowers.

How to collect Junes journey flowers

You can earn Flowers by decorating the place, upgrading the building, and restoring landmarks.

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One can also purchase flowers with the diamonds you will be getting throughout the game, but sometimes even diamonds have to be bought with real money to buy flowers.

Level cards of each picture

It shows a picture of a hidden object scene in between the game. Below each image, you can see the title of that particular level, and also, the clue will be visible to you. Collect approximately up to give star per level in one scene, and when the fifth star gets collected, the story ends there only, and you get a tag of being mastered on the top of that level card. By clicking the play button, you can view the scene.

Levels of June’s journey play online

Below is the list of levels with complete details. Volume 1 has around 100 chapters, and 500 stories, plus Volume 2 has 50 chapters and 601- 750 levels. Some of the names of the chapters are: –

  • Arrival in New York
  • Speakeasy
  • Eddie Daggett
  • Clare’s Secret
  • Havana
  • Finding Virginia
  • June and Virginia
  • A trip to Paris
  • Death on the Seine
  • To catch a thief etc.

How to decorate June’s journey

Once you buy a decoration in June’s journey and you’re ready to place it in an open space, you see a red border that means you cannot remember your decoration there. Something is stopping you from doing that. And If the fence is green, you are free to place your decorations there.

How to get more energy to play June’s journey

There are specific ways to get more energy and you can also try june’s journey download for pc

  1. Automatically, energy gets regenerated by 1 unit of energy every 3 minutes until the bar is filled.
  2. Gaming energy means you can purchase it from the store.
  3. Also, the star boxes gift you with some power.
  4. After playing the hidden object scene, get bonus energy.

Role of diamonds in June’s journey?

Diamonds are advantageous and very important in June’s journey. Diamonds can be used to speed up timers. Purchase missing materials and energy refills too. Many ways are there to get them.

Lighthouse June’s journey levels

Lighthouse is the first one you will encounter, and each has 20 levels to upgrade. You will get lots of flowers while solving the case.

How to get Connected on Facebook

Connect now and enjoy great benefits. Sign in with Facebook and get a chance to play with your friends. Also, Save your progress. You can also log out when you like to, so go ahead and give it a try. After you connect, get 2 Bonus boosters.