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Crazy Fox Events

Crazy Fox Events

About Crazy Fox Events

In this blog, you will read more about crazy fox events and their current live offers daily in the crazy fox village cost. If you like the article, please share it with your friends.

List of Crazy Fox Events

  • Love

Love offer ends in 11 days; every day, you will be getting rewards of free and claim through passes. If you complete all the tips, the biggest prize is waiting for you at the end, and that is 200 XP plus a chest in the pass section and 80 XP plus a chest in the free area. Crazy passes are also available on this feature you unlock classic rewards for all levels for 440/- and open Elite gets tips for all classes you can upgrade 15 levels up to only 1300/- rupees. Buy a level with real money 90 rupees to buy one level, buy 5 levels for 440 rupees, and buy 15 levels to buy 1300 rupees.

  • One Plus One

Buy 1 get one free offer for 440 rupees; you get 450 spins, 9M coins, and one chest. Free rewards along with this are 450 spins,9M coins, plus a chest-free hurry-up! 18 houses left to go.

  • VIP Membership in the crazy fox codes

VIP offers membership for 440/ week offer and three days free. Build all by one tap + 3 extra sign-in rewards + lucky draw +2, daily 200 free spins.

  • Adventure jungle event

Adventure Jungle surprises you with a list of rewards one after the other some are free, claim it, and some are to be paid, but you cannot claim the second before the first is done. You get XP, coins, cards, etc. The offer ends in 2 days.

Crazy Fox Free Spins Daily Gift Bonus Rewards

  • Joyful ranch

The joyful ranch also allows you to earn big one after the other, like the adventure jungle. Within 21 hours, you have to visit this offer page and see whether you are eligible for that prize or not; if yes, claim it.

  • First pay offer

First pay gives you only one chance to buy this offer gives you 150 spins and 2M coins in 90 rupees. So don’t miss this chance.

  • Winter treasure pack

Winter treasure comes with one paw gift bag and 1.9 M coins, 1300 Power up. Only for rupees 890/- only one remaining, so hurry! 6 hours left to finish the offer.

Events list in crazy fox free spins

  • Roam to the ranch

Roam to Ranch event ends within two days, which is a blast. You can win huge just bet higher to win higher. While spinning, if you collect three symbols of red petrol, can you get ten cans in your account? If you see two, you get four cans.

If you get one, you get two cans in your account. Also, if you collect ten cans, your transhumance balloons will be coming on your screen, and if you have to burst it here; you get surprises. Further, collect 120 red petrol cans and get 400 spins; this will be going on and on if you finish one next come to grab it.

The final reward is 120000 spins within 68 hours; some tips will be given from time to time, and that is 400 spins, one green coin,10,000 XP, and a golden chest.

  • Butter tournament

Butter tournament gives you rewards which have to be collected in 6 hours. Collect ten gift boxes while collecting kinds of butter. Each gift box offers other bonuses as well. The first box gives you 5M coins ok collecting 120 butter, and the second gift box gives you 70 spins containing 520 jars of butter.

You see an indication below showing various people’s names with their list of rewards achieved. A perfect raid gives you eight jars of butter, and a normal raid gives you six kinds of butter. Attacks give you four butterflies and defend you with five types of butter.

  • Friendship vine

Friends are needed in everyone’s life, so get going and send an invitation link to them on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger, and get 8300 spins directly in your account. Get going, and you have two days to go. A few lists are as follows that will help you understand better when you join your friends.

  • One person- 300 spins 
  • Two people -500 spins
  • Three people -700 spins
  • Four people – 900 spins
  • Five people. – 1100 spins
  • Six people -1300 spins
  • Seven people- 1500 spins
  • Eight people- 2000 spins

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  • Crazy bet

Get crazy and bet higher to win higher click on the go button and get crazy. For, If you play with X5 multipliers and you win 20 coins, that gets multiple into five, and you get 1000 coins. So bet higher than three days left.

  • Hot air balloon trip

The hot air balloon event is just for 10 min, so you need to hurry up and spin to fly and win more.

  • Surprises mail

A surprise mailbox pops up when you unlock Village 6, telling us that please enter your name and email and get surprise gifts by email, so think if such simple chances come your way, take it.

  • Farm tour

Collect five nets to start the contest with 3 hours left. After creating the event, you will see ten gift boxes to be collected from. If you have 120 nets, you get 5M coins. The second gift box gives you 70 XP on collecting 520 bounties and manages the other packages within the time limit well and generously. An indicator is shown below where all the participants playing the current event can also see their achievements and get placed according to their ranking.

Spin wheel bonus in crazy fox

On the leading game indicator, you will collect ten cans and win one green jungle, Jim. With that, you unlock the spin wheel roller coaster. You can spin that wheel and win many prizes. Like on the wheel, you will see 4000spins, one chest, 6000 spins, one green chest, 60 min, 10,000 spins, one joker chest, one owl chest, 12,000 spins, one brown chest, one golden card, one coin rock guitar, so here are many rewards visible to you.

Still, you have only two days to enjoy these Features whenever you get a chance to collect that green coin, take it, and spin it. If you get a guitar, you have to play in 10 min only benefits you get are in that 10 min if you get a raid or attack option from which you earn, coins will get increased.

  • Cards Album

Cards play an essential role during this game. Open the chest to get cards, and friends can exchange cards; that’s called trading. New cards bring some start along with them, which is also very useful.

Around 84 cards album, you can see, and within each album, you have to collect approximately nine cards each like the first album’s name is Birds. There are nine cards pelican, slender-billed, woodpecker, oriole, ostrich, owl, parrot, toucan, and flamingo. There are other cards also which will get unlocked when you get a chance to open the chest one by one.

  • Bonus spin wheel

The bonus spin wheel is on the first page when you slide down. Get a free spin chance every 10/12 hours. If you are a VIP member, you get free opportunities +2. This wheel works in its particular manner, like in level 2 of the spin wheel, collect two ruby diamonds and win 25 spins.

Many rewards are shown on the spin wheel like 210k coins, 420k coins, X2 means you get another chance to spin, 2.1M coins, 3.15M coins, 100 spins, 42 M coins, and 31.5M coins, three ruby diamonds, gift box. After you spin wherever the arrow stops, you get that.