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Crazy Fox Free Spin

Crazy Fox Free Spin

About Crazy Fox Free Spin

Crazy Fox Free Spins is the most trending game in today’s time because this crazy fox game has various features that they have come up with and mark my words, you’re going to love playing it.

Here through me, you will learn how to earn big, and everything is understandable; you have to use your brain and strategy accurately.

The crazy fox game is available for all phone users and is easy to download. You will be seeing a beautiful journey of a gorgeous little princess and his fox making up their House, and as you go along playing, you see a new world ahead you have to conquer and become the king/queen of that place.

But remember one thing every day come back to the game and collect your share of spins, coins, and food for the little princess fox.

Crazy Fox Free Spin Daily Gift Bonus Rewards

You have to become a great warrior to build your place and win coins to enjoy with your friends. Build your empire with coins and attack other’s empires; also, you can rob other’s coins and make their survival difficult in the forward game.

You have to win tasks that come across, spin the wheel, and don’t get scared of being attached because you also attack others. You can use your shield to save your part of the empire. Crazy fox jumps and runs for you from every crucial way that comes and collects coins.

The crazy fox comes with many surprises after a certain time, and you can unlock the feature of holding the button with constant spinning. You don’t have to press the button all the time. There are around 231 villages that have to be made in this game.

The cunning move that you can make is if you have already downloaded the crazy fox free spin, you can send an invite link and your reference code to your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Messenger, and if they download the game, you can earn rewards.

You can steal from other empires, win coins and other rewards, and lessen theirs.

There are many groups on Facebook that you can join that provide you with their links. If you get connected with them, they give you spins at a particular time every day they make you easy, so please do try. You get around 30/40 spins and coins each day; you have to claim it.

There are many paid offers that you can find in the store section to be gained with real cash through Google Play, UPI, etc.

You can also double the multiplier which will increase your chance of winning more rewards, but at the same time, It will also use your spins, e.g., if you play with x2, your spins will get multiplied into 2, two ways to download this crazy fox free spin

A direct installation from the Play Store. An invitation game link from your fellow friends.

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What is a spin wheel special for, and how does it work?

The spin wheel is just a red button that has to be pressed, and the wheel goes up and down, and you get to see spins, shields, coins, and many different things according to the events that are happening at that moment. This game is full of amazing moments and fun.

Advantages of having a shield

The way you attack your Facebook friends or unknown persons while playing is the same way they can attack you; the shield protects your empire from damage when others attack you. While spinning the wheel, you can collect shields, but you get three shields only; if you get more shields while spinning, it gets converted into spins. And if there is no shield left, anyone can come and damage your village, and you have to make it again.

How does the reward calendar work?

The reward calendar is the best feature added to the game. It will remind you to log into the game every day and collect your rewards from the calendar. It gives you beautiful rewards like spins, coins, and sometimes both together. If you return to the calendar all day, it will give you extra rewards like cards or pet food.

What do you think the shop world is?

I will tell you what the world shop is you can build your village each village has five characters with which you can create one texture you have to remake it five times, and after that, you go to the next village, and you win some spins, coins, Stars. Stars will help you go ahead on the leaderboard, where you can see who is before you and after you.

How to buy a chest in the crazy fox game

There are three chests in the game wooden, silver, and golden chests. You can buy a wooden chest and silver from the coins you have saved. Golden chest is a bit different. You have to pay real money, that is $9.99. You can get this chance only at the higher levels. Many changes happen at other levels.

Why is the collection of cards important, and what is a card album?

As you reach a certain level, you unlock the card album where you can collect cards that you can get from the game; by playing it, every type of card has to be collected within a certain number, and if that slot is completed, you will be rewarded. Cards can also be taken and given among friends or other players. In the 3rd village, you unlock a collection of cards.

Types of events happening in crazy fox game

Several events come your way, and some are daily events that can earn crazy fox-free spins in 2023. Events like the spin master, balloon frenzy, golden card, set blast, bet blast, Vikings, and many more will be coming up. Also, you get extra spins and coins such as small events when you get a chance to attack and raid.

Vikings events: These events in one of the most ongoing events that happen, but you need billions and millions of coins to play this event, and when you win this event, you get two golden cards and 1000 spins. That’s why I like this game; it is full of surprises.

How to make your raid successful

First of all, you will need a raid option while spinning as you see three foxes in one row; you get a chance to raid means a wonderful chance to steal money from others. One rule that I want to bring to your notice is that you get four chances to raid, but from those four, you will be lucky only once; you have to make the fox dig the hole wisely.

  • Attack

Attacking is somewhat similar to the raid. The time you spin, if you get to three bombs in one line, that means you have got a chance to attack your friends or some other player’s village or time for some revenge tap and hit the item of the village.

Offers that you get while playing crazy fox game

  • Winter Treasure Pack: – 1 gift pack, 2M coins, 1300 spins only for rupees 890/- within 20 hours time limit.
  • First Pay: – 150 spins,1M coins only for rupees 90/- you can only purchase it once. Hot air balloon trip spin to fly your hot air balloon tap them and get surprised within 10 min
  • Magic Puzzle: – collect parts to join the events, complete the puzzle, and win the big left day.
  • Ice cream cone: – get 20 ice cream and win 200 spins; you can also bet more to win bigger. Further, collect 20 ice creams and win 3M coins. Collect 20 ice cream and win 5000 XP if you need more coins- +157.5M coins for 4350.00/- rupees.
  • XP(Pets): – If you complete World 4, you will unlock this pet (a yellow egg shape) that will help you get a more raid bonus. If you collect nine mammals (a blue elephant) set, you will unlock this pet. Also, if you complete nine dinosaur sets, you will unlock another pet.