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coin master events

About Coin Master Events

In this article, you will read more about the coin master events list that is ongoing every day this is the list of events that are been added to coin master daily and these events are really amazing you will love it when you play and earn more coin master free spins.

Coin Master Events List 2022

  • Cupid Kisses Tournament

Collect five hearts to join the tournament a beautiful love page can be visible to you. But yes, you will have to play fast because nothing will be permanent like the tournament of Kisses comes with the limited time you get extra rewards.

  • Balloon Frenzy Event in Coin Master

The more you spin, the more you win; this event ends in 2 hours, and you get to win 1000 spins, so get popping. Village 14 can win you big. You will be getting this throughout the game so have fun.

  • Attack Madness Bubbling Love

Attaching madness spirit goes in everybody, and it is also fun attacking others’ villages for your village attack you need a hammer that it will provide to you during the spins. If you complete a target of collecting seven attacking hammers, you will get 60 spins free. You have to get a chance to attack seven times to win many fabulous prizes.

Coin Master Free Spins Daily Gift Bonus Rewards

The hit of one symbol can get you one chance to strike; an impact of two attacking characters can give you two opportunities to attack. Hit three and get four attacks. Take a risk and bet higher you will get higher rewards. Everything has an end like this one has around 70 hours. If you miss completing the tournament, you will lose, but you get some amount of coins and a free spin.

You have to collect 90 hammers in the next level, and 100% of you get to win rewards attack 90 times to win prizes. Hit 1 symbol get one hammer, hit two symbols, get two hammers, hit three characters of the hammer, and get four hammers. Isn’t this amazing to complete this within 1 hour?

The next level of attacks comes up with 20M coins on collecting 65 hammers and attacking 65 times to win prizes but play with higher bets. Complete this within 1 hour.

Attack 250 times to win prizes on collecting 250 times, and you get 450+40 spins, 20 minutes to collect 45 spins, and 1 hour left to complete the tournament. Attacking madness goes into everyone’s head, and it will go in; you have to grab it.

Attacking a bubble gives you many chances, and This one of those attacks 160 times to win prizes of 75M coins plus 7.5M coins. Attack 725 times and win 125k spins within 1 hour.

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Magical Tulip Tournament

A new tournament is a magical tulip; you have to collect five tulip flowers and win magical rewards within 6 hours, plus you get extra gifts. Every time you get a chance to attack, you will get some tulip flowers, and they will be collected in the indicator. As you finish collecting all 400 tulips, you get 75 spins.

It goes on and on to play and steals three gift boxes in one opportunity you get. In this event, if you collect ten gift boxes while collecting tulip flowers will be getting 1100 spins plus 15k XP on collecting 625 tulip flowers plus 25 M coins on 875 tulips, plus the third box on the same line gives you 275 spins on 1000 tulip flowers.

Golden box on the spin indicator

You get a chance to collect 90 hammers while spinning, and you will get one golden card out of 100, 40-575 spins, 8x cards, 2k- 20k pet XP, and 600k to 12.5 M coins.

Village Coin Master Events

It is an excellent opportunity to play Complete your Village by repairing it five times and win prizes like 3M coins, 10spins, and 2500 XP, and you have 3 hours to complete this event. In village 14.

Pink Romance Tournament

Get five pink diamonds to join the tournament. Have you seen this anywhere? You have only 5 hours to cover this task. There are two prizes in the indicator. If you collect 250 pink hearts, you will be getting 10M coins, and then it will show the second gift in the end line of the indicator giving you 75 spins on collecting 400 pink hearts in village 15. And by chance, you miss this opportunity to collect those pink hearts you lose, but then too you win around 750k coins; well, I love coin master events it is amazing.

Catching Love valentines event

4.30 minutes to complete this love is in the air capture the hearts in coin master events and mine.

Cards from Chest

This feature gets unlocked after you finish Village 16. You can trade the duplicate cards that you have. One can open a chest with how many stars you have collected like the first chest can open with 75 stars. If you trade your cards through this, you will get 4× cards 10-100 spins, and 100-1k pets XP.

Lucky love coupon

Up to 500 plus more spins and coins coupon offer expires in 15 hours. You can see this feature in the gift section. You have to click on the Apply button. It is a paid promotion; every offer has its fixed amount.

The heartthrob tournament

Get five red heart suitcases to join the tournament. It also has a particular time limit. You will get many surprising gift boxes so let’s go and take them. A grand prize is waiting. You will be getting a chance to take two gift boxes out of 9 for the first box, you have to collect 250 red heart suitcases, get 10M coins, and on 400 red heart suitcases, we get 75 spins.

Who is Foxy, and what does Foxy do?

Foxy, the always hungry animal in the game, has to feed him from time to time. Others he goes to sleep; below the page, you get to see a Bowl of foxy food if you provide him once and again you have to feed you can get a bowl of food within 20 hours, and if you want to give him food instantly you can purchase and provide him. This will increase your raid level.

Cards collection in the coin master game

There are around 90 sets of cards collected in the coin master events. Each has its time to get unlocked, and each group has several cards to be collected. Then you win that particular card and also many surprising gifts. Names are cards are as follows.

  • Pets: With pink logo cards to be collected is Alpha with +1, Mighty Bull +2, Puddy Cat +1, Holy Cow +1, Fluffy Panda +2, Kitty Tiger +1, Deer +3, Best Friends +1, Funky penguin+3. If you want to send a card to your fellow friends or my other unknown participants and if you are willing to give, tap once on the card you want to and press the green button, and boom, it’s gone. The + sign with a number in the cards means that many numbers are cars collected throughout the game.
  • Status: 6 cards have to be collected in this set of cards. Every card with several cards collected is written. Nine cards have to be assembled first one is Sultan with +3 cards, the Second is Caveman Joe with +1, the third golden emperor+4 cards, the fourth Troy +1, the fifth kangaroo+1, walrus king +2, Neptune +1, funky to me +2, water girl +2. Same as the above if you would like to share you can.
  • Beast: You have to complete the 6 sets is cards, and you can win 150 and the tiger pet to play the game. BMW of the cards on the set is. Reef Guardian, emu, snoozy camel +1, mighty eagle +2, MC buffalo, ocean king +1, Asian elephant, El tiger +1, Mighty lion. There might be a time when a few cards are not yet gained, and he wants to win the rewards in the completion of the cards set; you can even purchase cards from the store.
  • Items: If you complete six cards of this item, you will get 250 spins. The names are the cards are Treasure Map +1, book of Spells, Space Quest +1, lucky strick +2, Magical Lamp, White Pearl +6, Pinata +1, Tomahawk, and Last Chest.
  • Creatures: After completing the set, you will be rewarded with 400 spins and The Rhino pet. Who will unlock names of Cards such as Coin gathered, Blue beak+1, Dino, Moon crawler, Greedy dragon, Gost dog card at village 16, and Lady truffle? It will open the Chinese dragon at village 24, and Firebird cards will be unlocked at village 29.
  • Sweets: It can reward three hundred spins to you after completing six cards named Chocolate Truffle. Sugar rush gets unlocked at village 15. Cupcake, Doughnut, Gummy bear +1, Ice cream open at village 15. Lemon pie opens at village 15, the chocolate bar unlocks at Village 15, coin master unlocks at Village 16.
  • Bling Bling: 450 spins free after collecting these six cards each have a different name as Black gold will get unlocked at village 17, Luxury yacht unlocks at village 17, Scarlet card, Butler card unlocks at village 17, Russian diamond unlocks at village 17, Nick the Greek unlocks at village 20, Merchant card unlocks at village 24, Steampunk a golden card gets unlock in village 28, Bling bling gold card opens at village 32.
  • Vikings: Collect nine cards and get 500 spins. Warrior card gets unlocked in Village 20, Fenrir card+1, Viking horn. Viking queen unlocks in village 20, Golden helmet opens in village 20, Thor card village 23, Olaf card unlocks in village 27, Viking gold also has a good look of the card, Viking heart’ unlocks in village 34 it comes with wondrous treasure.
  • Halloween: If you collect these nine cards, you get 600 spins; each card opens in different villages. And there are many more to get unlocked in the further stages.