Royal Match Free Lives

Royal Match Free Lives

Introduction Of Royal Match Free Lives

Welcome to the Royal Match Free Lives, the King of puzzle games on the game list! Swipe colors, match puzzles, and help King Robert decorate his castle beautifully. We have thousands of challenging match-3 levels to play in the Royal Arena, so have fun!

Are you ready for the mysterious treasures in the royal match game? So get ready for 100 NEW LEVELS! Stay alert near the huddle; they can block what you’re trying to find!

How to get free lives on royal match

Decorate King Robert’s Castle by solving puzzles. Decorate the areas, including the King’s room, kitchen, garden, garage, and many other excellent rooms!

Challenge your friends on Facebook!

Explore all the NEW areas! Prepare yourself with a backup of equipment to step into the game world. New levels will be coming only for you every two weeks! Be alert to update your game frequently to get the latest content!

It is 100% ad-free. The best part is you don’t need the internet to play it. It Is data-free. You can play whenever you get time. Royal Match Unlimited Lives Reddit is unique puzzle gameplay with many fun levels for old and new players!

Role of the players in the Royal Match game

On this fun journey with the royal King, you must solve exciting puzzles, receive coins for unlocking new areas, help him decorate the castle, and get extra boosters to continue your game. Also, you can compete in matches with millions of players online in events such as King’s Cup, Sky Race, Team Battle, and Lightning Rush and claim exciting rewards for your achievements. 

Fun and challenges will never end, and you will never have a sad moment in a Royal Match game. Each new episode comes with free coins, helpful boosters, surprising awards, challenging tasks, and beautiful areas.

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  • Points to be careful of

Watch out for obstacles you will also get a royal match royal pass free that will be on your way, such as birds, boxes, potions, cupboards, diamonds, magic hats, coin safes, mysterious mailboxes, and piggies!

Open unique chests to win royal match free coins links, boosters, absolute lifelines, and power-ups! Give yourself a chance to explore the new rooms, royal chambers, splendid gardens, and many more exciting areas in King Robert’s castle!

  • First Look of the Royal Match Game

As the game page opens up, a notice pops up saying if you press OK, you agree to the terms and conditions of the game. And the kings have tea waiting for you to help him build. 

  • Instructions for the game

The first visual instructs us how to play the game. Level 1 opens up with 30 moves, and you have to break 36 targets. Make a match set of 3; if you make a match near the target, it will die, and your goal will become less. So make your sharp move to win the level. 

  • Star⭐

Every level gives you a star at the end, which gets collected in your account, and with that star, you can help build the King’s castle.

  • Levels?

If you finish with level 1 and your moves are left, that gets converted into the helpers, and points get counted. As you go on playing, you will understand. Every level will have a different number of moves and a different number of targets that can be achieved. Sometimes you get 2,3 marks to finish the gameplay with a sharp mind and limited actions. 

Level 7 gives you the option to select a booster and start the game with that without wasting your moves. There are three boosters each, so choose wisely. If you join two propellers, it will become four and go on flying and clearing your space. 

  • Boosters in the royal match game
  1. Bomb: Remember to make a set of 6/7 at once. It will get transferred into a bomb that helps you blast. 
  2. Rocket: A set of four will give a missile. That will help you achieve your target. 
  3. Propeller: A propeller helps you break the brick and finish your target. 
  4. Royal hammer: Royal Hammer will booster will open on level 8. Uses of the hammer: If you want to remove any piece on the board, tap on the hammer down the page and click what you need to withdraw from the power.
  5. Light Ball: This booster on the board changes many objects in one color, and when the boom’s up, you win a point. 

Royal Match Kings Nightmares

While you continue playing, the royal King is gone to sleep, and he is getting superb nightmares; within these nightmares, he is stuck with different situations, so this is the time for you to help him come out of that. After levels 7-8, you can see this appearance; if you help him, you will get +50 gold coins. So here it goes, it’s your choice.

But if you want to help him. The first nightmare goes like this: you have only 1.00 min and 65 targets to achieve, and the fire in the kitchen is increasing. If you finish within the time, you can take the fire extinguisher and free the King. It is also available on Royal Match Unlimited Lives iPhone.

  • Castle Information

Every completion of the castle has specific steps to be completed, for example, the main Castel+, fountain+, entrance+, garden, etc. Each part of the castle needs a certain number of Stars. Each Arena has a few steps, and end of every Arena, you will be rewarded with a chest full of surprises like coins, hammers, bombs, rockets, etc. 

  • Places that you have to build

You must complete different parts of the King’s kingdom; he is waiting for you. So here I will share with you the list of places you have to build 

  1. Area 1- Castel
  2. Area 2- throne room
  3. Area 3- dining room
  4. Area 4- garden
  5. Area 5- library
  6. Area 6- pool
  7. Area 7- bedroom
  8. Area 8- music room
  9. Area 9 – dock 
  10. Area 10- kitchen

Like this, it will lock 75 such areas for now, and the royal league is ready.

  • Leader Board

The leader board is a part of the game where all your players can see from all over the world, and if you connect with Facebook, you can see where you stand In the match between them, like in which rank you are. 

If you connect with Facebook, you can save your game score records. You can send your game invite and play with your Facebook friends or any random person on the game. You can play as a team after certain levels as you go ahead in the game. 

  • Lives ❤

A heart symbol you see on the top page of the game is your life in the game. In the start, you get 5 ❤ free for more lives. You have to join a team and get more lives. When you reach level 21, you can join a team and get free lives and gold coins. 

Shop of the Royal Match free lives

Let me show you everything you can shop for so several rewards can be shopped here. It’s your choice because you must pay with real money. You get coins, chest rockets, etc. You come across many such offers, so give yourself a try.

At the right, Conner is the game page. You will see the logo of the collection. This feature will open up for you when you reach level 41. Further in the game, you will get cards you must collect with some reward you will enjoy.