Mafia Master

Mafia Master Game Strategy

Mafia Master Game Strategy

About Mafia Master Game Strategy

Do you want to become the next Mafia king in a mafia master game? Do you want to learn mafia master game strategy? Do you have to ability to travel through each city and be the best Gangster, Pirate, Boss, Killer or Mafia of them all? Then play and improve your game. Become the Mafia Master with the most important city and the most loot!

Mafia Master Game Strategy Information

So basically, here you have to Spin your wheel to earn coins, spins, and many more, Attack other players’ villages, and Raid the best of your fellow players.

Collect food for your personal foxy and keep feeding him. Take part in the primary events that come up with many different rewards. And go on building villages and areas and complete the task.

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Benefits of connecting mafia master to Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account and join your friends and millions of other players worldwide to play the game with you and in spins, attacks, and raids to build your mafia city and reach the top!

What is the new feature in the Mafia Master game?

Let me tell you, this time, you’re going to enjoy the best time while playing because there are many features added, like Some new cities have been added, the game has been optimized based on performance and adjusted the game experience, also fixed some new bugs. 

  • Spin Wheel to Loot

Spin the wheel to get on your fortune and win many attacks, loot, shields, and raids. You will win your swag by landing on gold or coin sacks so that you can build a strong city through the game and move up in levels. 

After the first city Gets built and you go to the next, AUTO SPIN gets generated; that means the game is on the more accessible part. The player doesn’t have to keep tapping the spin button and playing. Once you auto-spin, it will automatically go on spinning.

  • Shield 

Win shields to guard your city against other gangsters trying to attack your building place. You can win shields by spinning the wheel that gets collected in the shield barrier, and if it’s overfilled, it gets converted into spins.

Attack or Raid, fellow gangsters!

Earning coins from the slot machine is not the only way left to loot; you can steal it! Attack or raid a friend and save enough loot to build your own city. Fight back and come victorious against your enemies. 

Take revenge every time on those who have attacked your city and taken away your rightful treasures! Be the gold digger and get rich again! You never know what gems you can find in someone else’s city, so be ready, wait for your opportunity, and enjoy it.

You get this chance from a slot machine to put up a raid or attack others. While spinning the wheel, you get three rockets at a time, then remember this is. Your time to attack. If three foxy are in one line on the wheel, that’s the time to raid. 

Collection of cards in mafia master game!

It’s not always about the loot of coins. It’s about the treasure too! Collect cards to complete sets of card albums and move on to the next city. With every town you conquer, your wins will be more fantastic. The collection of cards will get unlocked at level 3.

How to play Mafia Master with Friends

Trade (give and take) your cards with our online community friends to collect them all and complete your set! Join interactive Facebook community friends to meet new gangster friends, and you need to earn big rewards and trade treasures! 

Players get free 100,000 gold coins at the start of the game itself. And you can start building the first city at the beginning of the game. 

How to build a city in a mafia master game

Tap the hammer you can see at the left corner of the game page. A blank city will appear as you click that, and five green hammers at certain places will appear. You have to click and rebuild them five times each, and if you’re out of coins, you have to spin the slot machine and earn coins. It’s built five times each; you will go to the next city.

For each part of the city to build, you have to pay off a different number of coins. Each item you make will give you one star ⭐ when you collect 25 stars, and you can go to the next city. 

  1. Shop mafia master free spin and coin

The shop inside the game can help you win as soon as possible but remember they have to be paid with real money. A variety of packs are shown here; your choice to select. I will introduce you to some packages available.

  • 460 Rs – 5M coins + 400 spins + 5k XP + 3bells
  • 180 Rs – 60 spins 
  • 460 Rs – 180 spins 
  • 11,00 Rs – 520 spins 
  • 1850 Rs – 1000 spins Etc.

There are many others to be sold, like coins, XPs, etc., so make your choice and go ahead in the game. 

Types of cities in Mafia master

So here it goes. The main criteria are to build a city and go to the next I will introduce you to some names in Cities like Gang Beach, the godfather, smuggling tobacco, plotting to rob, smuggling arms, robbing treasure houses, dividing the spoils, boxing match, theft museum, outdoor party, get stolen. 

This part of the game is equally important because here you can see which player has attacked your city, had a raid on your place, and looted the treasure, so next time you get an option of invasion or attack, you can take revenge. 

Secondly, if you play a tournament with other players, that will be recorded here; thirdly, if you get any mail, that will be seen in the third column of the news session. 

  • Gifts of the game

Spins you get when you invite your friends don’t get deducted from your coin balance. You can send and receive spins to your fellow players. 

Also, you can send and receive cards to complete your album and help others achieve their card Album.

  • Leaderboard

The leader board shows yours, and those connected players’ scores from which ranks are on the score will be shown worldwide.

  • Friends

This section of the game tells us that from the 1000 people you want to make friends and play with. 

  • Bets

After completing the first city, you become free to use the bets. Bets are of a few types like ×1, ×2, ×3, ×5, ×10. If you play with × 3 bets, your spins will be deducted three times, and if you win any rewards, that will be three times more in your account. 

Events of Mafia Master Free Spins

One after the other, you will go through events that help you win coins and spins; here are the names of the possibilities below.

  1. Attack Madness is super great. Here, you have to collect rockets and win prizes regularly. You will be getting targets that have to be achieved. One rocket on the wheel will be counted as one rocket, 2 Rockets, two counts, but when you get 3 Rockets in the rotation, that will give you 4 Rockets. Bet higher to get more rewards and hurry up because you will have limited time to complete the task, approximately 24 hours. 
  2. Floating Balloons This event is enjoyable; balloons will be floating on the game screen. You have to tap and break the balloon and win rewards.

Foxy Pet in Mafia Master

A permanent friend will be with you throughout the game, but you have to wait and play till level 4 because it will get unlocked at level 4. It is your foxy pet who will help you in many ways. He will drill the four holes for you if you’re on the raid and get only three chances to dig. 

Along with your rewards, you will collect food for him, the XP’s that will give him more power. Like the foxy, two more pets will get unlocked accordingly, so wait.

Daily Reward Calendar

Mafia Master never leaves you empty-handed, so it has bought something new for you that you can collect daily rewards, but remember it will also expire soon, so come regularly and collect rewards for seven days in seven different gifts.