Lost Island Blast Adventure

Lost Island Blast Adventure

About Lost Island Blast Adventure

Lost Island Blast Adventure is FREE to play and download; you must decorate your mansion and go further. Build friendships with other area members by playing fun adventure games! Your lost island blast adventure awaits your arrival. How will you choose to design it? Explore the island on a treasure hunt & find gold, gems, & historical artifacts.

How to play the Lost Island board game

As you go to the Play Store, type Lost Island: blast adventure. Download it. An agreement that shows up that you have to agree and continue with the game. A beautiful visual of the island can be seen. The player gets to title themselves and play the game.

Set out on a match 3 puzzle through the areas that are as follows, like Lighthouse Bay, Gold Shell Beach, Botanical Garden, Ancient Ruins, Cinder Worth Mansion, Squid Cove Village, and the Puzzle Gardens etc. 

Features of the game

  • Play with many different fun boosters waiting for you to make them move on the board & tons of levels.
  • Build & make your own choice in selecting gardens, beaches, mansions, jungles, & many more. 
  • Get ready to go on a fantastic adventure through the island.
  • Partner up with Ellie, the character in the game who will be helping you build. 
  • Meet and make new friends on the game along your journey.
  • Have fun on the quest for the hidden treasure, and your pet seal will help you decorate your mini-mansion and hunt for valuables treasures. 

Benefits of connecting game to Facebook

When you connect your lost island blast adventure with Facebook, you get many benefits. Firstly, the player can keep a record of their scores and achievements. Secondly, you get to make many new friends and the best part is they’ll play together. 

From the start, Ellie will be your guide, and she will be showing you the places that have to be built also she is the general inspector. Next, on every island, there will be an island owner who will also guide you throughout.

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Lost Island: Blast Adventure Levels

Level 1 guides you from the start on how to play the Lost Island game online example if you tap 12 red cubes connected, it converts into three rockets at a time, and if it gets blasted 11 Times more. Tap two or more matching tiles to collect them. The player will be getting 30 moves in level 1, and the target is to collect eight red titles, and the levels get completed. 

At every level count of moves and targets will change. Always keep an eye on your remaining move. Once they run out, you fail the game. Instructions on how to do better a tip are given at the beginning of the game. 

Level 11 starts with unlocking the booster that you can use on your choice wherever and whenever on the board, that is, 2 Bombs at a time, and three turns of it are given free, so use it where needed.

How many levels in Lost Island Blast Adventure

After level 1 gets achieved, you get a star, and not only after level 1 but after every level finishes, you get a star in the lost island apk mod unlimited stars, and that one star will help you renovate each part of the island. The first task is to rebuild five such elements, and at the end, you win a surprise chest, while repairing, you get a choice to select which design and color would be preferable. 

Types of events in Lost Island Blast Adventure

To participate and have fun in the events, you must reach level 21 to unlock it. Participate in various events to win additional prizes that will help your progress.

  • Inventory

For now, at the game start, the inventory is empty. Inventory means there is some additional equipment you will get as you play the game individually, which will be collected in this inventory list. Complete more quests to discover new items and add them to your inventory. 

Inventory items are stored here to be used in future quests like the first one I got at level 10, and that is:

  • Medallion: This old medallion depicts a grimacing face found in the waters just off the beach. 
  • Sketch Piece: A torn piece of a mysterious sketch. It is detailed but unreadable without the rest, so play and go on collecting such inventories and wait for the end surprise. 
  • Lives ❤

Life is a part of the game that is more needed than playing the game. At the start of the game, the player gets seven free lives. If all those lives have been used, you can request one from your friends or the club members playing the game.

The role of this feature is when you get out of moves, you get an option of giving away coins or lives. These help you continue the game. One life is equal to 5 actions, so decide well and play. 

  • Messages

This support system helps you see the notification if you’re sending or receiving lives to each other. A record has been maintained here. 

  • Game Friends

All the members and friends you have made in this game will be shown here. Just invite your fellow friends and drive to enjoy double the fun. The best place to connect is through Facebook.

  • Club House

This clubhouse is locked and will get unlocked at level 50. Here you can also send and receive live forms from the club members, enjoy the fantastic additional club events, and win extra rewards. 

  • Leader Board

A sore board has been recorded here; reach level 50 to play and join the leader board. All the records ranks have been saved, and not only yours but all the club members and players worldwide. Documents have been kept globally and locally. 

  • Shop

This game provides you will lose is unique packs that help you win levels fast, but for that treasure, you have to pay for real money. Many such packages give you different things. 

Lost Island Blast Adventure’s next update

The game’s guidelines should be followed carefully, like the one I will mention. Play blast game ➡Earn stars➡ Finish quests ➡Build your Island. 

  • Boosters

Bomb: Clear a few levels to use this booster on the game board. In level 2, If you tap on eight cubes with a bomb sign, it will convert into a bomb, and if the bomb blasts, it will take many titles, and you win points. 

Rocket: On the game board, if you see a set of tiles and a sign of rocket, tap as soon as possible and collect the missile that helps you clear the board. The rocket will earn the whole line in which direction it is. 

Rainbow Pearl: This booster is way more potent than other boosters. It combines all the explosives in the game; if that is on the board, you have to use it before it goes.

When Boosters are continuously used on the board, the rainbow pearl charges up, and you can use it. As it appears on the board, you can select one color of the title that will remove all the labels of that color in one short. 

In level 7, you can use this booster; with the pickaxe, you can collect any title you want without spending a move. Firstly you get three boosters for free use. Wisely. It will remove only one tag at a time.

Types of chapters in Lost Island Blast Adventure

Chapters of the game also have to be completed together. As it gets completed, you get rewarded. After the first chapter, you get one pickaxe, rainbow pearl, and 250 coins.

Daily Bonus: The game’s name is Lost Island, but it is not empty. It is full of surprises, and many rewards are waiting for you, like the daily bonus you get. Just go and collect it. If you miss a day, you will have to start over. Day 1 gives you one rainbow pearl. It will go on for seven days continuously, so go and claim it.