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Piggy Go Free Dice

Piggy Go Free Dice

About Piggy Go Free Dice

Piggy Go Free Dice is a board game, and believe me, children are loving it nowadays, and there is a blast of people downloading the game.

The aim of this game is very simple the player has three piggies that have to be taken from one end of the board to the other end; the player has to roll the dice on their turn, and accordingly it will move your piggy go free dice ahead, but as you know nothing has an end without a twist in the game. Hence, friends, there is a wolf on the tractor in between the game.

If you press the wolf, a shout occurs, and some hay bales come out from the front of the tractor if any player is rolling the dice. If they get a number and a wolf symbol, that person will get a chance to choose whether to move the pig or fire the tractor. Many children choose the option to fire off the tractor. Hitting the tractor means grabbing another’s chance to move forward and taking that player’s pig to the starting point again.

Here I come with one more interesting move: moving your Pigs forward according to the number on the dice. If you land in the same place where your opponent is standing, you can also stand in the same place but above the first pig, and if in the further round, the pig that is below you moves ahead, you will also move with it, isn’t it great you will get to move forward twice calls the piggyback ride.

I would suggest this game to everyone; it’s a wonderful game, colorful, and has many more exciting tragedies. You have to explore new boards to get more fun and collect many prizes.

Wonderful piggy go feature?

The first time you log in to the game, you get 50 dice to roll,1M coins, 20 purple diamonds, and 1000 XP.

There is a page where you can see a board to roll the dice, and Piggy goes forward. If you swipe the page down, you will see a ship that has to be repaired.

Some cards have to be collected; it will unlock them from town 2. You get to play freerolls every day. A dice logo will be visible on the right of the Piggy Go Free Dice links game page.

Two hundred fifty-three towns have to be repaired. Many towns have to be on their way for the coming years. Each town (level) has to be repaired five times and then in the final, you can go to the next. If you collect 25 gifts in the first level of the ‘Airship,’ you will get 200k and 50 dice rolls.

You can also send an invitation to your friends and play with them by sending an invite. You and the person in front get rewarded a Super X3 multiplier unlocked at level 2.

You can also chat globally with anyone but within the rules like no personal sharing details, being polite with other players, and reporting inappropriate content. If you need free dice piggy to go coins or any other item to go ahead, you can send a request message saying I need 20k can anyone help?

You can also create a team where you can select a leader, help each other, and get extra gifts to form other members. An invitation link can be sent on Facebook to your friends to play, and if they download the game, you will get huge rewards for free dice for piggy go; you can trade with your cards and food that has to be collected. A great opportunity to travel the piggy go world and some beautiful and helpful friends.

An amazing feature that you can enjoy is ranked you can save your scores on the ranking board with your name and see various people competing.

You can also unlock different dice with different models, designs, etc., but it will get unlocked at different levels.

What are the benefits of holding the dice?

This free piggy go dice game is all about rolling the dice, earning rewards, and making up your ship. You have to roll the dice below the page, and what number you get goes forward according to that. To make your work easy of rolling the dice, again and again, you can hold the dice button for a few seconds, and it’s getting hold, and it will roll on its own you have to play quickly and repair your ship quickly.

How to collect coins and build a village?

While making your piggy run on the board, if he lands on the wooden boxes which are at the corner, the box breaks and a van appears, which indicates the way to other towns and if it lands on the piggy bank symbol, then you get a chance to plan a robbery in others account.

There are many surprises inside the wooden boxes. You also get board patrol unlocked when you land on that box place. As you get to unlock this feature, that means you can start shields for your town that you have made. A shield will help you protect from other content attacking you.

While entering the level town, you get some free rewards based on your performance in the first level, as I got 50 dice, 20 gems, 1M gold, and 1000 EXP.

If you land on the flower symbol while running on the board, that means you get 2 to 3 dice with the number, and you get free runs. If you share your achievements on Facebook, you get five dice rolls free. Daily, you get free rewards like every day you get different.

  • Day 1- 10 dice
  • Day 2- 15 dice plus some free dice
  • Day 3- 200k
  • Day 4- 30 dice
  • Day 5- 400k
  • Day 6- 600k
  • Day 7- 60 Dice, one golden card, ten puzzle parts, and one burger.

During the run, you get 35 purple money bags then you will be rewarded with 65 dice rolls. This changes as you complete one.

Enjoy the sweet and sour taste of your opponent

If while looting other’s coins, in case you get a key, you get to open the locker of that person and spin the wheel, and wherever that spin stops, your earned money will get multiplied that much, and you also get 40 spins to play next.

Making the best use of bonus round

In every game round, you will get a bonus round to play. Sometimes the trick is in the game’s timing, and you will get to see a slider. You have to move it from left to right at the end of the page as the slider meets the yellow part. The trick is you have to press the green button when the slider meets the yellow mark. The closer you get to the yellow make; you will come across more gold coins as you’re done with this. The game will also reward you daily when you come back here.

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How to gain extra rewards by bringing food to Lily’s kitchen

As you go on a raid again and again Thai feature leaves you hungry for more gold coins. You can visit Lili’s kitchen for more food. Lili is the character that will be visible to you later in the kitchen and play the game later in the game, and you will get to see the kitchen doors open. To gain gold from Lili, you need to do a favor for her; that is, you need to give her tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. so that she might cook food, and you will be rewarded.

How to play the Piggy Go game

In the 3rd level, you have to unlock your chief Lili to invite her for the adventurous trip ahead. You need to find at least 70 keys for it. You can make your chef Lili run instead of your piggy on a different level. Just try giving her food from time to time.

How to buy gems and dice in the Piggy Go game

You can visit the shop for many ongoing offers, so let’s take a look

  1. Daily pack, 1/1- 20M coins 100 Dice for 250/-
  2. Epic offer 1/1 – 1.6M coins, 300 Dice for 420/-

Gems: –

  • 240 Gem for 170/-
  • 640 Gem for 420/-
  • 1400 Gem for 850/-
  • 3000 Gem for 1700/-
  • 8000 Gem for 4250/-

Dice: –

  • 30 Dice 120 Gem
  • 90 Dice 320 Gem
  • 200 Dice 700 Gem
  • 500 Dice 1500 Gem
  • 1400 Dice 4000 Gem
  • 3000 Dice 8500 Gem

Gold: –

  • 600,000 Coins 120 Gem
  • 2,000,000 Coins 320 Gem
  • 4,500,000 Coins 700 Gem
  • 9,900,000 Coins 1500 Gem
  • 28000k Coins 4000 Gem
  • 60,000k Coins 8500 Gems. And many more offers ahead, so enjoy.

What are the benefits of the shield?

As you roll the dice and take part in different events that come across, don’t forget that the place you have made is unsafe to protect your place; you need to save many shields that you will get when you land at the police station logo. The shield will automatically save it whenever someone comes to attack your place.